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FDA Requires Strong Warnings for Opioid Labeling Related to Serious Risks and Death From Combined Use

After an extensive review of the latest scientific evidence, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that it is requiring class-wide changes to drug labeling, including patient information, to help inform health care providers and patients of the serious risks associated with the combined use of certain opioid medications and a class of central nervous system (CNS) depressant drugs c ...[Read More]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The National Institute of Mental Health provides a wealth of information on various mental health diseases and disorders. Focusing on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not uncommon in these days of world, national, and recently, local disasters and events that can affect anymore. This link to the NIMH information on PTSD provides the reader with interesting and important facts about PTSD. T ...[Read More]

How You Can Avoid Laboratory Errors

How You Can Avoid Laboratory Errors Phlebotomy education, performance monitoring and feedback can help nurses avoid potentially serious laboratory errors.  Many errors, between 60%-75% of all lab errors, occur before the specimen even reaches the laboratory, usually during the collection. These errors can have a serious impact, like a misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment. Studies found that sam ...[Read More]

Patient No-Shows and Discontinuation of Relationships

  Discontinuation of Physician-Patient Relationships: You may discontinue a relationship with a patient if the physician chooses to do so.  However, it needs to be done a particular way. It is recommended that you develop a policy for how you will handle these situations for your practice. The proper termination of the physician-patient relationship requires proper notice to the patient, using the ...[Read More]

Claim Study: Communication Between Contracted ED Physicians and Specialty Department Consultations

FROM THE CLAIMS CONSULTANT by: Jamie Lamb, Senior Claims Consultant Communication Between Contracted ED Physicians and Specialty Department Consultations In this issue of Claims & Risk we highlight the importance of communication between contracted emergency room physicians and specialty department consultations. Our claim-in-review involves a female who presented to the emergency room with re ...[Read More]

eSTAT – The Joint Commission Text Order Ban for Docs Back in Place

According to a recent posting in the Joint Commission Online newsletter, the ban on clinician use of messaging and text tools is back on as federal agencies want more time to develop guidance to ensure safe deployment of texting order activity. The goal is to have the new guidance by September. READ MORE   For more information on this text order ban for doctors, contact one of our Patient Safety C ...[Read More]

Hospital Warns Staff of Privacy Violations With Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, the most popular mobile game app ever in the U.S., has captured the attention of players of all ages. But it could also be capturing sensitive images and information in hospitals, which could lead to a violation of HIPAA privacy rules. Employees at Massachusetts General Hospital received an email yesterday reminding them that Pokémon Go may not be used during work or on hospital proper ...[Read More]

Claim Study: Preventing Infection & Exposure in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting

FROM THE CLAIMS CONSULTANT by: Janet Merrell, Senior Claims Consultant Preventing Infection & Exposure in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting A 78 year old male patient entered the hospital for a total joint replacement. After the surgery was completed, it was discovered that the chemical integrator in the instrument-set had not activated, indicating the instruments were not sterile. The patient ...[Read More]

eSTAT – Pokemon Go and HIPAA

Pokemon Go, HIPAA and Your Facility – Things to Think About Has the most popular mobile game app ever in the U.S. hit your campus?  While the game is being praised for making children and adults more active, is it capturing sensitive images and information inside your facility, on your campus or in your parking garage?  Are there incidents of potential HIPAA and or privacy violations not yet ...[Read More]

Preventing “Never Event” Medical Errors

Twenty percent of reporting hospitals lack a policy that conforms to all of the criteria in the Leapfrog group’s standard for preventable hospital errors dubbed “never events” the nonprofit agency has found in a newly released report. Never events were elevated to national attention in 2006 by The National Quality Forum, which published a report defining and listing these hospita ...[Read More]