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LHATF Announces 2016 Funds for Safety Grant Recipients

The Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) Trust Funds announced the 14 recipients of its Funds for Safety grant Tuesday. Each year, the Funds for Safety Grant Program awards up to $300,000 to LHA Trust Funds members for initiatives designed to improve safety or reduce liability exposure. “Every year, we receive numerous innovative project ideas from our member organizations designed to improve pati ...[Read More]

CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: A Summary of Key Points

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continuously updates their databases to provide the most current information for healthcare practitioners and the general public. The CDC recently published the “CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain”. The CDC’s guideline serves to provide recommendations for treating patients with chronic pain, excluding those receiving cancer ...[Read More]

Sentinel Event Alert: Detecting & Treating Suicide Ideation

In an effort to better help healthcare providers recognize the onset of suicide ideation (suicidal thoughts) in patients receiving care, The Joint Commission released its 56th Sentinel Event Alert, “Detecting and Treating Suicide Ideation in All Settings,” in February. This alert replaced previous alerts related to this topic and reveals a common root cause of suicide as being related to “sh ...[Read More]

Claim Study: Communications with Injured Patients

FROM THE CLAIMS CONSULTANT by: Stan Strasner, Senior Claims Consultant Our claim this month brings to light communications that facilities send out to patients after there has been an adverse event such as a fall. The claim in study involved an inpatient who was sitting on the side of the bed in his room when he had a syncope episode and fell forward off the bed, striking his head. He required 13 ...[Read More]

California Hospital Hacks Reveal Weak Links in Health Cybersecurity

For 10 days in February, the staff at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had to treat patients the old fashioned way with pen-and-paper forms, faxes and hand-delivered X-rays. Gone were many of the data-reliant, high-tech tools that have transformed medical care, according to local media reports. The Los Angeles hospital had fallen victim to a ransomware attack – increasingly common network bre ...[Read More]

Claim Study: Factual Frustrations

FROM THE CLAIMS CONSULTANT by: Alan Daigrepont, Sr. Claims Consultant While the goal of workers’ compensation is to provide necessary medical care to an injured worker and return him to gainful employment, we often find situations in which settlement of a claim is the only course of action to close out any potential future exposure. Many factors are considered in order to reach an amicable r ...[Read More]

Health IT Safe Practices: Safe Use of Copy and Paste

via ECRI Institute. Click here to read the full article: Health IT Practice: Safe Use of Copy and Paste The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety has established workgroups for in-depth study of health IT events. The issue of copying and pasting health information (e.g., orders, notes, labels) was chosen for the first workgroup. Copy and paste is widespread, often underreported, and has the pot ...[Read More]

Claim Study: When Medical Equipment Fails

FROM THE CLAIMS CONSULTANT by: Jamie Lamb, Sr. Claims Consultant Advances in medical devices and equipment improve the care of patients dramatically. Often, it is so integrated into providing routine care that we forget that these are pieces of equipment that while not often; they can fail. In recent months we have handled cases involving such incidents. Our first of two claims in review this mont ...[Read More]

Risk Factors That Can Predict Violence in Adults With Mental Illness

In recent years, hospitals have experienced a significant increase in incidents related to violent patients presenting to the emergency department and/or other areas of the facility. This is causing healthcare workers and others to be at risk due to the lack of awareness, specific training and experience needed in order to provide the highly specialized care that these types of patients require. S ...[Read More]

Physician Liability in Louisiana – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good In our February 2014 newsletter, we advised that one of our Physician Trust participants had received a unanimous favorable jury verdict, but that the presiding judge had granted the plaintiff’s post-trial motion for a “Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict (JNOV)”. A JNOV is essentially a slap in the jury’s face because it should only be granted if it is clear that ...[Read More]