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FBI Profile of an Active Shooter

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a profile of a potential active shooter based upon years of examining active shooter events. This profile, which combines individual behaviors and interactions with others, fits well into education presented to staff on this topic.

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Success! Click here to download your Active Shooter Response Toolkit. Thank you for downloading. Here are the links that accompany the download: Active Shooter Drill Preparedness Video Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Training Video Active Shooter Webinar “Active Shooter: What You Can Do” Course DHS - Active Shooter Workshop Considering joining? As a member of LHA Trust Funds, you'll ...Read More →

Free Active Shooter Response Toolkit

Free Active Shooter Response Toolkit A Proactive Approach to Active Shooter Planning and Safety LHA Trust Funds, a leading provider of malpractice and general liability coverage, is offering a FREE Active Shooter Response Toolkit typically reserved for its members. This Toolkit includes a collection of helpful videos, webinars and educational materials designed to help physician practices and clin ...Read More →

Active Shooter Response: What Can You Do?

All employees can help prevent and prepare for potential active shooter situations. This course provides guidance to individuals, including managers and employees, so they can prepare to respond to an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Webinar

This 90-minute webinar can help private and public sector personnel understand the importance of developing an emergency response plan and the need to train employees on how to respond if confronted with an active shooter. The presentation describes the three types of active shooters - workplace/school, criminal and ideological - and how their planning cycles and behaviors differ.

Active Shooter Drill Preparedness

The following resources have been provided by UCSF Medical Center to assist hospitals in their planning and training for active shooter incidents.

Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting

This document provides a broad overview of healthcare active shooter planning along with assistance for your facility in preventing, planning for, and responding to an active shooter event that occurs in a healthcare setting.

“Code Silver” Active Shooter Webinar

In healthcare, we can prepare for most of the emergencies that our staff will be expected to deal with. We are especially proficient at preparing for natural disasters such as hurricanes; and fire drills are conducted within our facilities on an ongoing basis. However, it’s practically impossible to prepare for or defend against an active shooter entering your facility. In that type of event, we a ...Read More →