Breaking Up is Hard to Do

By Leigh Ann Yates, MBA, CPHRM, AIC, FASHRM
September 12, 2018

Breaking up with difficult patients is a hot topic for health care providers. Having a properly structured termination process for the ambulatory/physician practice setting is essential in any Risk Management program to help manage difficult patients. Ending a physician/patient relationship is a last resort when all other efforts have failed.

When expectations are not met, patients can act out and become difficult, leading to a breakdown in communication, along with a breakdown of the physician/patient relationship. Patient terminations are failed communications and unmet expectations. Each side suffers. To obtain optimal resolution of care, it is essential to have a beneficial relationship between providers and patients. Not everyone feels comfortable with managing conflict. Providers and staff need to be made aware of your Risk Management resources, which can provide assistance with navigating through conflict and determining potential resolution options.

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