Coaching Minute: Get Ahead of the Curve with Change Management Teams

Thomas Norris, MD, FAAFP, CPE, FACPE
Studer Group
May 15, 2018

Change is everywhere in healthcare, and it is coming faster than ever. Think of the changes underway in your institution, but there are also massive national changes like the transformation from a volume-based to a value-based payment system.

John Kotter, a Harvard professor who focuses on change, says that the single most important leadership task in healthcare is the management of change. To manage change in a way that puts you ahead of the curve, healthcare professionals must lead through it.

Leaders must be aware of not only the changes that are underway in their institutions, but also those that are coming. Changes that can be anticipated offer both a leadership and management opportunity. By getting ahead of projected transformations, leaders can assemble a team to strategically manage it in a measured and customized fashion.

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