Publications for Injured Employees

The below publications are offered at no cost to members of the LHA Workers’ Compensation Fund. These brochures are for your facility/physician office to provide to your injured workers to aid in their recovery and return to work. Read more below about both publications below. If you would like copies of these publications mailed to you, please contact Jesse Eusay at 225.368.3840 or

If Opioids Have Not Relieved Your Chronic Pain

This brochure has important information for people who have sustained a workplace injury that might result in pain that could last for an extended period of time. If you have been taking opioids every day for a long period of time, yet you still have a lot of pain, and your everyday life remains out of whack, that’s a sign that opioids may be the wrong treatment for you. This brochure has additional information about how opioids affect your body, longstanding pain requires different treatment, better ways to relieve chronic pain, long term opioid use can sometimes cause more pain and other side effects of long term opioids.


Back Injury Brochure

This brochure helps with what an injured worker should know about low back pain including common symptoms for both muscular pain and nerve pain. Additionally there are symptoms that should be reported immediately, tests physicians might order and causes for low back pain. A simple lumbar strain is the most common cause of low back pain. The vast majority of back problems result from wear and tear over many years. There is also a list of treatments for low back along with tips on getting your injured worker back to work.

Shoulder Injury Brochure

This brochure provides what an injured worker should know about shoulder pain, including causes of shoulder pain, symptoms, tests physicians might order and the various treatments for shoulder pain. Additionally, it helps assist you in getting your injured employee back to work with tips for returning to work and a list of what is the employee’s responsibility in the recovery process.

A Guide for Injured Employees

This brochure is designed to be given to an injured worker. Inside there is a description of workers’ compensation and the benefits the injured employee is entitled to along with frequently asked questions that span for time of injury to recovery and return to work.

Workers’ Compensation Toolkit

When a employee is injured, what should you do? Who should it and how? Early reporting of claims leads to early intervention resulting in appropriate medical attention so that your employee can get back to their pre-injury lifestyle as quickly as possible. How do we engage all of your supervisors and managers in the process? Should communication end when the claim is reported?

The Workers’ Compensation Toolkit was created to educate your staff on workers’ compensation benefits, their responsibility for reporting claims and communicating with injured workers. It provides a step-by-step guide for documenting accidents, reporting claims and communicating with the injured worker for a successful return to work.