Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) Certification Test Prep Course

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Take your career to the next level by earning the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) credential.

This professional designation sets you apart in healthcare as a professional with specialized knowledge and competence in the scope of healthcare safety. The International Board for Certification of Safety Managers developed the CHSP credential in 1978 to meet a need for a practical but professional certification in healthcare safety.

Do I Qualify For The CHSP Exam?

This certification exam is appropriate for professionals with various backgrounds, such as safety, facility management, nursing, administration, risk management, quality improvement, emergency management, patient safety, and infection control.

Candidates for the CHSP exam must demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and principles vital to safety progress and innovation on the exam.

You must also meet these requirements:

  • Applicants must document six (6) years of experience and college education combined.
  • Each thirty (30) semester hours of college credit equals one year. Applicants must provide all requested information and agree to adhere to all published requirements and certification agreements.
  • Applicants must provide contact information for two people recommending their certification.
  • Candidates must pass a multiple choice proctored closed-book certification exam. All candidates must document a minimum of two (2) years of relevant work experience regardless of their achieved educational level.

How Do I Register For The CHSP Exam?

CHSP candidates must register for the test at the button below. You must then pay for the test and fill out the application you receive as part of your confirmation email.

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LHA Trust Funds is offering a two-day CHSP prep course virtually on July 19 and July 26, 2023, from 9 a.m. – noon. Candidates who complete the course will receive a voucher to take the test electronically. The voucher is good for 1 year from the application date.

This is a self-study curriculum followed by a 2-day online prep session. Both days are comprised of instructor-led CHSP certification prep with opportunity for Q&A. Self-study and the online test prep will prepare you for the certification exam. Once your application to sit for the course is approved, you will be sent the appropriate study materials.

Cybersecurity and Computer Requirements

Please be aware that there are security and computer requirements for taking the CHSP exam online. This exam is proctored virtually. It may be challenging to take the test from a computer at work due to network security within your organization. See testing expectations below. That's why we recommend you use your personal computer to take the exam.

LHA Trust Funds will also make a quiet room and compatible computer available by appointment for those who wish to come into one of our offices to take the exam.

Virtual Testing Expectations

This is a timed closed-book exam. 2.5 hours are allotted to complete the exam. A webcam-enabled computer is necessary. It is a monitored exam, and all movements are noted. The proctor will terminate your exam if necessary. The proctor monitors silently in the background.

It is best to test from a home computer/personal laptop not attached to an internal network (company server). Public Wi-Fi is ok, but it may run slowly. This could cause issues in the delivery of the exam.

You must have the ability to download a designated app that delivers the security check and the exam.

The proctor takes control of your workspace during the exam. If you are using your company computer, please verify with your IT department for security protocols.

On the day of your test, log in approximately 20 minutes before the start time of your exam. This allows the opportunity to download the required information and to check computer settings to ensure the secure delivery of your exam.

If the connection is lost during the exam, you and the proctor can log back in and pick up where you left off, there is no need to reschedule.

What Does The Exam Cover?

  • Management & Leadership
    Deals with concepts related to the managerial and leadership roles of safety such as organizational policies, communication, and the ability to handle hazards from using a systems approach to safety.
  • Hazard Control Practice
    Addresses the ability to identify and control specific hazards, especially related to disasters and other healthcare environmental emergencies.
  • Compliance, Accreditation & Voluntary Standards
    Knowledge of various regulatory laws and standards related to healthcare safety including environmental, patient, and employee safety.

How Much Does The CHSP Course Cost?

  • $325 for LHA Trust Fund members
  • $725 for non-LHA Trust Fund members

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