Willis-Knighton Health System; Family Medicine Associates

The first few months of 2020 brought uncertainty to Louisiana healthcare facilities and physician office practices as the COVID-19 pandemic made itself known across the globe.

Willis-Knighton Healthcare System Family Medicine Associates proactively planned its approach to COVID-19, helping the Bossier community gain access to testing and treatments as soon as they became available.

To achieve this, the practice went completely virtual in March 2020, referring their telehealth patients to drive-through sites set up by the healthcare system. In addition to COVID-19, Family Medicine Associates also tested for the flu, strep, and other respiratory illnesses.

The practice also collaborated with COVID-19 treatment and prevention research. Drs. Jason Milligan and Clint Wilson served as research team members for the Regeneron monoclonal antibody project, admitting more than 500 COVID-19 patients to the study in six months. Dr. Wilson also served as the lead researcher for two prevention trials.

The physician practice’s advanced preparation made a significant difference in identifying COVID-19 patients, limiting their exposure, and providing options for treating the virus. The protocols put into place during the pandemic’s first wave remain in effect, allowing the practice to rapidly employ telemedicine procedures, treat patients, and discuss mitigation for patient families during subsequent waves throughout 2021.

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