GastroIntestinal Specialists, A.M.C

Patient falls don’t just happen in hospitals. They can occur in physician offices and surgery centers too.

GastroIntestinal Specialists, A.M.C realized there was an opportunity to reduce the risk of patient falls at their Shreveport Endoscopy Center by investing in front-clip wheelchair seatbelts. The seatbelts prevent patients from slipping out of a wheelchair while being discharged.

The goal? To eliminate patient falls from wheelchairs post-procedure and throughout the discharge process. The belts also provide additional security for patients who are seated in a wheelchair during the discharge process.

GIS also revamped its discharge process and conducted staff training on proper wheelchair procedures. That training is now a part of all new hire orientations at the facility.

No patient falls from wheelchairs have occurred since the project was completed. The new belts serve as a visual reminder of safety awareness for staff members and the GIS commitment to keep patients safe.

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