Ochsner St. Martin

All Louisiana healthcare facilities were struck hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ochsner St. Martin was no exception.

In addition to treating ill patients, the Breaux Bridge-based healthcare facility also saw an increase in employees who tested positive for the virus despite the CDC-recommended cleaning and isolation protocols in place.

The solution? Investing in a Light Strike Germ-Zapping Robot to disinfect large areas of the facility with UV light.

Ochsner St. Martin created protocols that allow the environmental services team to clean a COVID-19 room once the patient has been discharged. The team then places the robot in the room to run a cleaning cycle. Once completed, the room is ready for the next patient.

The robot also disinfects Emergency Department triage rooms at set times each day to reduce the potential of COVID-19 exposure.

Ochsner St. Martin’s program is a rousing success. Since implementing the robot, the healthcare facility experienced a 50% reduction in COVID-19 positive employees for six months.

In addition to the obvious benefits, Ochsner St. Martin staff noticed an unforeseen positive impact – an increased sense of security from patients. Staff members report that patients feel more confident visiting the hospital because “they know we are doing our best to protect them from COVID-19.”

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