Geisinger Exec: How to Make Sure Innovation is Actually Innovative

Fierce Healthcare
By Tina Reed
January 7, 2020

Want to understand how Geisinger Health System is trying to change the way it innovates?

Just consider the story of a congestive heart failure patient in one of Geisinger’s emergency departments.

As a doctor treated the man, she heard his daughter indicate she’d known at least three days earlier that the urgent visit was likely imminent.

The doctor asked how she’d known.

“She said: ‘Three days before my father has an exacerbation of his congestive heart failure, he tells us he’s getting tired and then each day, he keeps getting more tired,’” said Karen Murphy, Geisinger’s chief innovation officer and founding director of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation. It’s an example of the wealth of information providers could use to more proactively treat patients’ health conditions—if only they had a way to harness that knowledge, Murphy said.