MGMA Resources

Cyber Risk Toolkit

Because cybersecurity risks are constantly evolving, we want the members of our LHA Trust Funds to be as knowledgeable and prepared as possible. This toolkit provides proprietary information as well as public domain information about cyber risks.

Emergency Preparedness Toolkit

Responding to a disaster involves many challenges for healthcare facilities. Within this toolkit, you will find pieces that will make sure that your facility is prepared for any emergency it may face.

Hand Hygiene Toolkit

Infections cause thousands of preventative illnesses and deaths each year. This toolkit is to assist staff in preventing infections by practicing good hand hygiene. It emphasizes the importance of simple interventions staff can utilize to keep their patient free from unnecessary infection.

Medication Safety Toolkit

This toolkit is packed full of resources to help reduce the risk of adverse drug events, as well as help ensure the security of medications throughout your organization.

Opioid Management Toolkit

This toolkit provides information on effectively managing opioid usage in the clinic setting. The reference documents provided below address topics such as opioid prescribing practices, risk assessments, patient monitoring and opioid overdose.

Physician Office Practice Toolkit

Designed with physician office practice risk concerns in mind this toolkit features a Self-Risk Assessment tool, various checklists, forms, and other resources. This toolkit is designed to help the office practice target risks that are unique to the ambulatory care setting.

Telemedicine Toolkit

While more convenient and accessible for patients, practitioners face a number of challenges during implementation. This toolkit has been designed to assist our members in implementing a successful telemedicine program by providing guidance in the following areas: policy and procedure, consent, legal regulation, self-site assessment and performance improvement.