Coaching Minute: Mission Is Critical

By Jeff Wood, RN
Studer Group
August 6, 2018

Keeping our mission alive and visible to our staff and patients is a challenge for healthcare leaders. But it’s also vital. If I asked you to grade yourself on this, how would you rate? How are you doing keeping the mission front and center in your hospital or department?

I was reminded of the importance of this recently when talking to a physician leader in a busy trauma center who was struggling with a challenge many of us have faced — am I making a difference and connecting with my patients in a way that makes an impact? This conversation didn’t necessarily center on saving lives. At that moment in time, he wasn’t concerned with the immediacy of knowing that the patient who arrived coding is now headed to the ICU with a chance of surviving. It was a deeper, less urgent reflection on whether he was making a difference in the everyday lives of the people he works with and the less acute patients he serves in his emergency department.

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