Focus Group Materials

Patient Safety Focus Group Materials

Twice a year, we host an advanced seminar related to patient safety and risk control. The program has been designed to elevate risk manager education and focus on use of knowledge of internal and external information to drive change inpatient and visitor safety.

Below are the topics discussed at each of the focus group meetings.

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Focus Group – September 2018

Focus topics: Photos & Videos of Patients, Identity Theft, Ride Share Programs for Patients, Medical Marijuana.

Focus Group – March 2018

Focus topics: Medical Record Review, Medication Reconciliation, Top 10 Technical Hazards of 2018, Medication Management, Handoff Communication.

Focus Group – September 2017

Focus topics: Room Conversion for Psychiatric Patients, AMA Discharges, Falls, Communication.

Focus Group – March 2017

Focus topics: Diagnostic Error, Patient Identification Safety, Medical Identity Theft, Influenza, Transgender Issues, Risks Related to Disparities, Security, Risks Related to Restraint Use, Interdisciplinary Rounds, and Radioactive Security.