“Code Silver” Active Shooter Webinar

In healthcare, we can prepare for most of the emergencies that our staff will be expected to deal with. We are especially proficient at preparing for natural disasters such as hurricanes; and fire drills are conducted within our facilities on an ongoing basis. However, it’s practically impossible to prepare for or defend against an active shooter entering your facility. In that type of event, we are forced to react to the shooter’s actions.

Our presenter, Pokey Anders, Safety Director at Lane Regional Medical Center, will share with us what an active shooter scenario can look like along with what options we have when faced with such a situation. Lane Regional Medical Center has produced an Active Shooter scenario video for staff education purposes and that video will be included in this webinar event.

This webinar is only available to members of the LHA Trust Funds. Please log in to your account to access these resources or contact Julie O’Hearn at 225.368.3802 or to gain access.

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