Adjusting for social risk factors impacts performance and penalties in hospital readmissions reduction

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By Karen E. Joynt Maddox (MD, MPH), Mat Reidhead (MA), Jianhui Hu (Ph.D.), Amy J. H. Kind (MD, PhD), Alan M. Zaslavsky (PhD), Elna M. Nagasako (MD, Ph.D., MPH) and David R. Nerenz (Ph.D.)
March 8, 2019

This study set out with three key aims. First, to characterize the association between claims‐based social risk factors and readmission rates, using a broader group of such factors than previously analyzed; second, to characterize safety‐net hospitals’ performance on readmissions with and without adjustment for social risk factors; and third, to determine whether accounting for social risk factors changes penalties levied on safety‐net hospitals, both in terms of the proportional and absolute dollar penalty for these institutions.