Credentialing Compliance: Documenting Practitioner Credentials and Competency Webinar

One of the biggest challenges of any medical staff is evaluating and documenting the competency of providers. While it’s relatively easy to verify licensure, malpractice history and hospital affiliations, it’s often difficult to obtain data on competency. The focus on quality by accrediting organizations, the government and the public, along with the increase in negligent credentialing claims, emphasizes the need for continual monitoring of the quality of services provided. In order to support this need, having an effective and efficient credentialing and privileging system is vital.

The webinar provided dives into the importance of credentialing, offering a number of insights to help you assess your staff. At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate mechanisms for documenting credentials
  • Develop forms and processes for documentation of competency
  • Discuss the concept of negligence in credentialing