Workplace Security Initiative

In our continuing support of the LHA Malpractice Trust Fund Member needs related to workplace violence prevention, we are pleased to announce a new workplace violence awareness and security initiative for 2018.

We have engaged a team of security and crime prevention experts to offer a menu of services for the LHA Malpractice Trust Fund members to choose from to support facility security and employee, patient and visitor safety.

This service is offered as a value-added benefit at no cost to Members of the LHA Malpractice Trust Fund. You may select one of the tracks below to enhance your All Hazards Risk Assessment Plan or Workplace Violence Prevention Plan.

Track 1
Security Evaluation and Consultation
5940 Training, LLC
This team of experts will conduct a security evaluation and consultation using the following protocol:

  • 5940 Training, LLC will forward a detailed questionnaire to the designated member of the hospital’s management team.
  • Upon return of the questionnaire, the 5940 Training, LLC Team will schedule a one-day site visit and meet with key Leadership and Management personnel as designated by the hospital, in order to determine security concerns and to obtain details of previous incidents. The team will then conduct a physical security evaluation utilizing the outer perimeter/middle perimeter/inner perimeter method as developed by the U.S. Secret Service.
  • At the conclusion of the site visit, the 5940 Training, LLC team will meet with designated facility representatives and provide verbal recommendations related to physical security, access control, onsite security staff (if any), coordination with local law enforcement, and any other areas of concern.
  • A written report will follow using the observation/recommendation format.
  • The 5940 Training, LLC Team will be available to assist with future concerns by phone, text, or email.
Track 2 – Option 1 Track 2 – Option 2
Active Shooter Presentation & Tabletop Drill  Review Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
Certified Crime Prevention Consultants, LLC Certified Crime Prevention Consultants, LLC
  • The CCPC, LLC team will conduct a two-hour combined Active Shooter Presentation and Tabletop Drill training session with the facility’s team members of choice.
  • In addition to front-line staff, suggested Facility Team Members for the Tabletop Drill Workshop should include: C-Suite, DON, HR Director, ED Director, Risk Manager, Patient Safety Officer, Facility Manager/Director, Safety Officer, Director of Security and all Security Officers.
  • The CCPC, LLC team will conduct a maximum of four two-hour sessions in a given day (number of sessions to be agreed upon based on total number of participants.)
  • The CCPC, LLC team will review, analyze and evaluate your existing or proposed Workplace Violence Prevention Plan/Active Shooter Response Plan.
  • After completing the review, the CCPC, LLC team will provide verbal feedback along with a written report based on best practices and lessons learned from critical incidents.
  • This track option will be provided by telephonic consult and email correspondence.
  • Project turnaround from initial conference call to narrative feedback will be 14-21 calendar days.



5940 Training, LLC – Clinton, LA
Greg Phares is the Principal of 5940 Training, LLC, providing security consulting services and training to hospitals, churches, and private businesses.

He began his law enforcement career with the Baton Rouge Police Department as a Patrolman in 1972. After serving 19 years on the street as a robbery and homicide Detective as well as a member, and later Commander, of the Hostage Rescue Team, Mr. Phares was named Chief of Police in 1991. He led the Baton Rouge Police Department until his retirement in 2001. The Department achieved national accreditation under his leadership. From 2001-2003, Mr. Phares served as Lead Instructor for the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP) Crisis Response Team course, training counter terrorist teams from over a dozen countries.

He joined the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office in 2003, initially commanding the Sheriff’s Office’s emergency services and firearms training. He was later named Chief Criminal Deputy and, upon the resignation of Sheriff Elmer Litchfield due to ill health in 2006, Mr. Phares was named Sheriff and served in that office until December 2007. Mr. Phares joined the Louisiana Office of Inspector General in 2008 and served as an Investigative Supervisor and Chief Investigator. He is currently Chief Criminal Deputy for the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. Phares has been a Police Firearms Instructor since 1981 and currently teaches firearms to law enforcement as well as private citizens. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University, the Baton Rouge Police Department Academy, the FBI National Executive Institute, and numerous professional law enforcement training classes.

Mr. Phares has investigated and/or supervised the investigation of approximately eight uses of deadly force by or against law enforcement officers.

Peter P. Ochinko, Special Agent United States Secret Service (ret.) earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Bloomsbury University in Pennsylvania and spent over 20 years with the United States Secret Service, retiring in 2002 as the Protective Operations Senior Special Agent assigned to the Miami Field Office. Responsibilities included: coordinating all protective activities in the Miami district and the Caribbean, along with providing support to the Presidential Protection Division and the Vice-Presidential Protection Division globally. Prior to his role in Protective Operations, he served as Senior Supervisory Special Agent overseeing investigations involving bank fraud, credit card fraud, and counterfeit United States currency and was a financial crimes instructor at police academies throughout the Caribbean.

During his career, Mr. Ochinko was assigned to the White House, Baltimore Field Office, Miami Field Office, Counter Assault Team (Tactical Unit), Washington Field Office, Mobile Alabama Resident Office, and the West Palm Beach Resident Office. His duties included: investigation of crimes committed against the United States, and providing protection for the President of the United States, Vice President of the United States, visiting Heads of State, as well as conducting protective advances globally.

Upon retirement, Mr. Ochinko accepted the position as Corporate Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness for Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida. Responsibilities included: overseeing all security and emergency preparedness operations for over 40 facilities including 6 hospitals and 10,000 employees. While at Memorial, Mr. Ochinko implemented what is recognized as one of the most comprehensive hospital security programs in the country and was the recipient of the 2005 Lindberg Bell Award presented by the International Association of Hospital Safety and Security for excellence in the field.

He served on the staff of the Louisiana Office of Inspector General, was Director of Security for Blue Cross/Blue Shield for the state of Louisiana, and currently serves as Director of Public Safety for Baton Rouge General Medical System.

Mr. Ochinko has provided security consulting, investigation, training, and executive protection services to a wide variety of industries including Healthcare, Education, Maritime Law Enforcement, Public Facilities, Banking, Petrochemical, Government, and the Entertainment Industry.

Certified Crime Prevention Consultants, LLC – Orlando, FL

Audra L. Rigby is a Principal with Certified Crime Prevention Consultants, LLC and a Planner III with the City of Orlando Police Department (OPD). She has 26 years of experience in public safety with OPD, holds a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management with a Minor in Public Safety Telecommunications from Jacksonville State University, and is a Certified Public Manager through Florida State University.

Ms. Rigby has completed hundreds of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) plan reviews for new and redevelopment projects in the City of Orlando and on-site CPTED assessments. She is certified by the Office of the Florida Attorney General as a Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner, a Florida CPTED Practitioner, and Convenience Business Inspector.

Kevlon Kirkpatrick, FCPP, FCP, CBI is a Principal with Certified Crime Prevention Consultants, LLC and has over nineteen years of experience working as a Law Enforcement Officer with the City of Orlando Police Department (OPD). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the College of Staten Island.

Mr. Kirkpatrick is certified by the Office of the Attorney General as a Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner, a Florida CPTED Practitioner, a School Resource Officer (SRO) and Convenience Business Inspector. The Valencia College Criminal Justice Institute has also certified him as a Physical Fitness Trainer, a General Instructor and a Defensive Tactics Instructor.