Funds for Safety Grant

Providing Funding for Innovative Safety Initiatives to Hospitals Across Louisiana

Funds for Safety is a grant program sponsored by LHA Trust Funds.

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Each year, we award up to $300,000 in grant funding for initiatives to improve patient safety.

The program's objective is to encourage and support member efforts in developing and implementing patient safety and quality initiatives.

Grants will be awarded for projects expected to improve quality, enhance patient outcomes, or reduce patient harm.

Congratulations, 2024 Funds For Safety Grant Recipients!

2024 Funds for Safety Projects

  • Simulation Training for Starlite Lab
    Abbeville General Hospital plans to implement virtual reality simulations to better prepare for and improve the handling of potential workplace violence situations within the facility. By incorporating regular simulated practice scenarios into their educational and professional development programs, Abbeville General healthcare practitioners will be better equipped to react to workplace violence situations.

    Safe Sleep: Providing Sleep Sacks to Shield Infants from SIDS
    Abbeville General also intends to build an education program to reduce the risk of SIDS deaths among infants. The program will include providing sleep aids known as sleep sacks to all newborns and increasing parental and healthcare professional awareness of healthy sleep habits and SIDS risk factors through educational initiatives such as workshops, informational materials, and partnerships with local healthcare providers.

  • Visible Hands for Allen Parish Community Healthcare Behavioral Health Unit Rounding
    Allen Parish Community Healthcare’s digital safety rounding project develops a comprehensive digital rounding system — using technology to conduct ordered routine check-ins with patients, assess their well-being, and address any concerns every 15 minutes — tailored specifically to behavioral health settings. The goal is to leverage digital technologies to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and ensure timely interventions, revolutionizing the way safety checks are conducted within behavioral health units.

  • Safe Patient Mobility and Pressure Injury Prevention
    The Bayou Bend Health System plans to purchase the NxStep Unweighing system, medical equipment intended to help transitional care patients and staff with ambulation and out-of-bed requirements. The healthcare facility will also develop a training and mobility program for staff to improve patient and staff safety, comfort, and satisfaction regarding patient mobility.

  • Patient Transport Safety Initiative-Staxi Transport Chairs
    Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital will transition from traditional wheelchairs to Staxi transport chairs, featuring a lifting armrest and side entry for users improving patient transportation within the facility. Use of the Staxi chairs will reduce the risk of wheelchair-related accidents and prevent harm to patients and staff.

  • Lab-ED Electronic Patient Identification for Specimen Collection
    North Oaks Health System plans to install label printers and wireless barcode scanners in Emergency Department rooms, triage rooms, and Workstation on Wheels, allowing for bedside printing of specimen labels via scanning patient hospital armbands. This investment will enhance the existing electronic patient identification process to mitigate the risk of mislabeled specimens submitted to the laboratory from the ED.

  • Solo-Step Overhead Harness System-Fall Protection for Rehab
    Ochsner Lafayette General Orthopedic Hospital plans to invest in a Solo-Step Overhead Harness System to aid therapists in improving patient mobility and reducing the risk of patient falls. The equipment will also improve patient and staff safety during therapy, training, and transportation in the facility.

  • BIPAP For Patient Safety
    Pointe Coupee General Hospital will replace older bilevel positive airway pressure (BIPAP) machines with the latest technology, allowing the machines to connect to the facility’s clinical call system. This will enable nurses to better respond to clinical alarms from the nurses’ station, improving patient safety and outcomes.

  • Improved Digital Security Monitoring for Early Intervention
    Richardson Medical Center will install a facility-wide digital camera system, allowing for more effective facility monitoring, multiple viewing screens for staff in relative departments, and the ability to view patients and staff in Emergency Department patient rooms. The digital camera system increases overall facility safety and reduces the risk of adverse events.

  • Sterile Processing Ultrasonic Cleaner
    St. James Parish Hospital plans to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean eye, orthopedic, and laparoscopic instruments within the facility’s Sterile Processing Department. The new technology will improve patient and staff safety and patient outcomes by removing contamination from medical instruments and eliminating manual cleaning processes.

  • Advancing Patient Safety Through Sample Medication Management and Distribution
    Terrebonne General Health System plans to implement a sample medication inventory management system in its outpatient clinics, addressing the critical components of safe medication management. This includes proper documentation and tracking capabilities, established procedures for receiving medications, authorized disbursement and access, and proper storage and disposal. The initiative’s goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of providing drug samples to patients.

  • Enhancing Patient Safety Through Emergency Power Expansion
    Union General Hospital plans to enhance the facility's emergency preparedness infrastructure by adding emergency power to inpatient rooms and other rooms vital to patient care. Addressing these critical gaps during power outages ensures patients and staff have continuous access to essential medical equipment, lighting, and communication systems — minimizing risks to patient safety even in adverse conditions.

  • The Moving Heart-Monitoring Heart Function During Transport
    West Feliciana Hospital will invest in a Zoll Monitor so that the facility-owned EMS can assist in pacing while providing CPR and appropriate oxygen levels to patients being transported to the facility. The monitor allows for quicker and more standardized stabilization in the field when patients have cardiac emergencies. The goal is to intervene early, decreasing cardiac codes in the field and the Emergency Department and increasing positive long-lasting outcomes.

  • Breastmilk Feeding Management System
    Woman's Hospital plans to invest in a milk tracker software system to support the safe collection and administration of expressed breast milk and donor-expressed breast milk in the NICU. This multi-step process entails collection, preparation, fortification, proper storage, and administration of breast milk. The system’s goal is to reduce potential errors increasing the safety of NICU infants at Woman’s Hospital.


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