Workplace Safety Funds Grant

Workplace Safety Is Its Own Reward. Let’s Make It Even More Beneficial.

Workplace Safety Funds is a grant program designed to reward members devoted to employee safety. The LHA Trust Funds is offering three initiative options for members to choose from: Safe Patient Handling & Mobility, Workplace Violence Prevention, or Safe Material Lifting.

How Do I Qualify?

Members of the LHA Workers’ Compensation Fund who have premiums in excess of $10,000 are eligible to participate. They will receive up to 5% of the renewing premium that will be used to fund participation in this program.

How Do I Participate?

To participate in the program, complete the Commitment to Participate form by selecting the initiative the organization will participate in, having the form signed by the organization's CEO, and returning to Stacie Jenkins at to confirm your intent to participate.

Option 1 - Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (SPHM)

Launch an initiative to eliminate the manual transfer of patients and increase patient mobility. If you've already begun this journey, continue to grow and improve your current program.

Program Goals

  • Reduce employee injuries associated with the manual handling of patients.
  • Improve the culture of safety and enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Decrease hospital-acquired infections, patient falls, and hospital-acquired Pneumonia by increasing the mobility of patients.
  • Improve employee retention by creating a safe work environment.

Option 2 - Workplace Violence Prevention

Create a safer work environment for employees by raising awareness of potential threats and developing a formal workplace violence prevention program.

Program Goals

  • Decrease the number of workplace violence codes called to address issues.
  • Assess, identify and reduce risk factors.
  • Reduce employees' injuries from violence or aggression.
  • Improve staff response time to threats.

Option 3 - Safe Material Lifting

Develop a program to address the manual lifting of materials in your organization and promote safe lifting among employees.

Program Goals

  • Reduce the number of employee injuries resulting from material lifting.
  • Increase employee knowledge of proper lifting techniques,
  • Improve the culture of safety and increase employee satisfaction.

Learn more about each initiative option by clicking here.

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