LHA Trust Funds Safety Star Award

What is the Safety Star Award?

Each year, LHA Trust Funds presents three outstanding healthcare facilities and one physician's office or healthcare clinic with the Safety Star Award – a public acknowledgment of their commitment to quality and patient safety.

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Congratulations 2022 Safety Stars!

This year’s three LHA Malpractice and General Liability Trust Safety Star Award winners are Iberia Medical Center, Richardson Medical Center, and Woman’s Hospital.

The LHA Physicians Trust Safety Star Award winner is WK Urology and ENT clinics.

The Safety Star Award recipients will receive recognition from LHA Trust Funds and a $10,000 award for the facility. In addition, the healthcare facility winners will receive paid registration and expenses to cover the cost of attendance for the facility CEO/Administrator to attend the LHA Winter Symposium and one designated staff member to attend the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management Conference.

Healthcare Facilities

Iberia Medical Center
IMC Workplace Violence Prevention Program

As the only healthcare facility in Iberia Parish, Iberia Medical was faced with overwhelming patient volumes, increased acuity in illnesses, and limited staff while experiencing unprecedented increases in acts of violence within the hospital and vandalism on the grounds.

By working together, administration, staff, and providers created the IMC Workplace Violence Program to ensure the hospital would remain a safe healing place for all.

To address increased patient volumes in the ED, Iberia Medical opened a second emergency room at its South location. They also invested in facility security by upgrading surveillance cameras, and monitoring stations, and increasing security presence. Exterior lighting was improved and a badge swipe system was installed in the areas designated as high-risk for violence.

Since the project’s completion, Iberia Medical experienced a 50% reduction in disruptive behavior or actual acts of violence.

Richardson Medical Center
Violent/Aggressive Behavior Management Training to Reduce Patient Risk for Harm

An uptick in psychiatric concerns and increased drug use within the community caused Richardson Medical Center to experience more violent/aggressive behaviors in its Emergency Department.

In response to this issue, the frequency and types of events involving aggressive behavior within the department were analyzed to determine how to implement additional interventions to provide a higher level of safety to patients, visitors, and staff.

Based upon those findings, Richardson Medical began a program to provide violence identification and de-escalation training including the Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) to 100% of their emergency department staff within 60 days of hire and offered de-escalation training to staff in other departments as well. In addition, the emergency room staff began debriefing all incidents related to violence.

Within 60 days of implementation, 100% of emergency department staff were certified in either CPI or MOAB and the number of patient or staff injuries as a result of violence has been reduced to zero. Debriefing has taken place on 100% of all violent or aggressive patient encounters and any opportunities for improvement were immediately implemented. The staff feels safer and better equipped to handle violent or aggressive patients.

Woman's Hospital
Improvement of Patient and Visitor Safety through the Implementation of Security Measures

Woman's Hospital, a specialty facility for women and infant healthcare, was concerned about increasing nationwide trends of intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and workplace violence incidents and their ability to keep patients and employees safe should an incident arise.

The Hospital conducted a comprehensive security/safety assessment identifying all potential security/safety vulnerabilities that could adversely affect their ability to provide a safe environment starting from basic access control to more intensive response situations. The assessment also evaluated their ability to respond to such potential threats.

As a result, Woman’s Hospital restructured its security program, created its own internal security force, and implemented the “Fast-Pass” visitor tracking system requiring all visitors to register with a picture ID and visitor locations to be tracked. After restructuring, the security incidents rate decreased by nearly 37%.

Physician Clinic

WK Urology and ENT Clinics
Improvement in Care and Handling of Cystoscopes

Due to extended downtime and the cost of repairs for damaged equipment, providers were concerned with delays in patient care because of the lack of equipment and their inability to provide cystoscope services in the clinic setting.

In response to this challenge, all handling, transport, cleaning, and storage processes were reviewed. They also identified that some of the damage resulted from improper storage or handling techniques by clinic staff. A vendor was engaged to improve processes, provide preventative maintenance, train employees on proper usage techniques, and reduce repair time and costs.

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