Healthcare Workers’ Comp in Louisiana

Workers’ Compensation for Healthcare Providers

Our focus on safe work environments and loss prevention strategies keeps your employees working.

Every state creates its own workers’ compensation laws, and no one knows Louisiana’s requirements for healthcare employers like LHA Trust Funds. Protect your employees and keep your healthcare facilities safe with the healthcare workers’ comp Louisiana providers have trusted for more than 45 years.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage Built for You

Risk Consultants

Our team of healthcare risk experts can work with you to identify potential safety risks, recommend best practices, and help you keep your employees safe.

Workplace Training and Assessments

Online and Onsite, we offer numerous training opportunities addressing specific workplace hazards unique to healthcare organizations.

Comprehensive Claims Management

When work-related accidents occur, you can count on us for comprehensive claims management to help your employees return to work as soon as medically possible.

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Your Support System

Healthcare Workplace Experts

Our level of healthcare industry expertise allows us to provide you with on-site safety services along with on-site and online workplace safety training tailored to your needs.

Helping you to create a safer environment for your employees results in fewer incidents, so your employees keep working — ultimately reducing your overall operating costs.

Personalized Claims Support

Get support with filing and managing your claims with a team of experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation providers. Our risk consultants have decades of experience handling workers’ compensation for healthcare providers and are here to help your practice every step of the way.

Protecting Health Professionals for More Than 45 Years

Since 1980, LHA Trust Funds has been dedicated to serving Louisiana healthcare providers. Protect your employees & healthcare facilities with the healthcare workers’ comp Louisiana providers have trusted for more than 45 years.

Onsite Risk Assessments and Employee Training

Members benefit from a wide range of onsite risk assessments developed to identify potential hazards for your employees. In addition to our online learning management system, we offer numerous on-site workplace training topics, monthly live webinars and in-person events, including MOAB — Management of Aggressive Behavior. We can also craft personalized content to share knowledge across your organization quickly.

On-site Risk Assessments include:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Security and Threat
  • Safe Patient Handling
  • Slip, Trip and Fall
  • EVS Safe Lifting

On-site Training includes:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Defensive Driving

Funding for New Workplace Safety Initiatives

Members of the LHA Workers’ Compensation Fund are also eligible to participate in our Workplace Safety Funds Grant program. Since 2018, we’ve allocated over $1,800,000 to members devoted to improving workplace safety.

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