Employee Safety Solutions in Louisiana

Employee Safety in the Workplace

Creating a safer and more productive workplace for your employees is the key to keeping your employees injury-free.

Our team offers their expert knowledge of healthcare industry workplace standards and regulations to help you develop a workplace environment that promotes safety and minimizes risks.

How does LHA Trust Funds do it? Our OSHA Outreach Training Program Authorized Trainers combine known risks, your claims trends and a workplace safety risk assessment, providing your organization with a comprehensive evaluation of employee risks.

Then, we collaborate with you to develop a plan for reducing those identified risks to make the workplace safer and more productive. Our experts are prepared to help you implement workplace safety improvements utilizing the vast knowledge and resources of the Trust Fund.

As an LHA Trust Funds member, you are eligible to participate in safety improvement programs such as safe patient handling, safe lifting and management of violent or aggressive behaviors. You will also have access to other resources, including employee safety training, on-site, virtually or through an online learning management system (LMS).

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