2021 Funds for Safety Grant Progress Reports

For more than 10 years, The Funds for Safety Grant program has supported our members in creating innovative patient safety programs. In total, the grant has provided millions of dollars to fund these types of projects.

Unlike our Safety Star Award that rewards patient and staff safety efforts already in place, the FFS grant allows members to imagine new programs and then apply for the grant to help finance them.

2021 was a record year with 13 winners who presented ambitious projects. Two of our 2021 grant winners recently submitted progress reports updating us on the advancements they’ve made using their grant fundings.

Progress Report

Applicant: Reeves Memorial Medical Center

Winning Project: Bladder Scanner Use to Prevent CAUTIs | Ultrasound System to Reduce IV Punctures & Infections

Latest Update: All nurses have been trained on the use of the US. This has been added to our yearly competencies, and new hire nurses are trained during orientation. Since the purchase of the US, we have had 7 RNs trained on placing Midline/PICC lines for a total of 9 in our facility.

This US device has been used to start peripheral IVs as well as Midlines and PICC lines. Since the start time of this grant (May 2021), we have placed 18 Midline/PICC lines. The US was used on approximately 90% of the placements. It has been very helpful in starting peripheral IVs for difficult access patients. With some patients, it has reduced the number of sticks from 10-15 sticks to 1-2 sticks. When the patients are shown the US machine and explained how it works, it has helped reduce the amount of anxiety associated with starting IVs.

Bladder Scanner Prime Plus:

The bladder scanner has helped the reduction in the over usage of urinary catheters. It has helped with urinary retention and measuring urines after voiding. We have had several patients with retention that the use of the scanner has helped target health problems and required the patients to follow up with specialists.

IMG 5219
Bladder Scanner Prime Plus-Reeves Memorial Medical Center

The bladder scanner has helped in the reduction of inappropriate use of catheters in the hospital. Since receiving the scanner, we have been able to bladder scan pre- and post-void bladder retention and residual amounts and also determining the appropriateness of Foley catheter placement. This has led to a reduction in our rate of CAUTIs. For instance, in the month of November, we had 43 inpatient days. There were 15 urinary catheter utilization days. Of those days, 14 were appropriate utilization days, making for a 93.3% appropriate utilization ratio. We had no CAUTI for the month of November.

Progress Report

Applicant: Beauregard Health System

Winning Project: Bariatric Safety Equipment to Reduce Patient Falls & Injuries

Latest Update: The greatest achievement that Beauregard Health System was able to accomplish through the assistance of the LHA Funds for Safety Grant included the remodel of an oversized patient room into a newly designed "bariatric patient room."

Bariatric Room4
Redesigned bariatric room - Beauregard Health System

The bariatric safety committee, alongside the health system's plant operations team, redesigned an inpatient room to solely be devoted to bariatric inpatients. This redesign included mounting a ceiling lift and track for proper patient transfer from bed to chair or bedside commode, for example. This significantly reduces patient falls by eliminating staff-assisted, hand-held transfers. This room was also outfitted with an oversized bathroom which also reduces falls and injuries by providing the necessary space for patients and staff.

Despite not achieving zero falls consistently, Beauregard Health System significantly reduced falls by reducing the rate per 1,000 patient days from 36.6 to 20.1. This marked improvement demonstrates Beauregard Health System's commitment to reducing falls, patient safety, and staff education.

The deadline to apply for the 2022 FFS grant cycle is March 30th. Please check eligibility requirements and details here. We encourage all eligible members to participate.