Meet CHER®, Our New Online Education Portal for Members

Attending on-site training and webinars can be difficult for patient care leaders and staff members.

That’s why LHA Trust Funds has created the Center for Healthcare Enterprise Risk® (CHER) Online Education Portal — to provide a new opportunity to share important continuing education with your frontline staff.

Explore how our new learning management system (LMS) works, its online training offerings, and its unique focus on safety, risk and best practices in healthcare.

What is CHER®?

The CHER® Online Education Portal is a digital training hub centered around healthcare risk and quality management topics that directly influence the safety of patients, employees, and the environment of care.

Available for LHA Trust Funds members only, CHER® presents both single courses and webinar series to advance the knowledge of your healthcare team through online learning. Healthcare organizations can reduce liability by using this employee training to increase staff knowledge through expert-led presentations.

“Our LMS is unique in that it specifically targets risks distinctive to the healthcare industry and enables leaders to deliver training to their frontline staff,” says Stacie Jenkins, Vice President of Patient Safety and Risk at LHA Trust Funds.

Online Education

What are the benefits of CHER®?

The CHER® Online Education Portal’s core benefit is within its video training content, led by industry experts to address patient safety and liability issues directly experienced by LHA Trust Fund member facilities. Many of the webinars and courses offer nursing Continuing Education (CE) hours that contribute toward annual nursing license renewal.

“Healthcare staff are busy, and it is hard for them to make time for live training,” Jenkins says. “Our education portal provides convenient, customized healthcare risk management and patient safety training that will increase staff knowledge.”

Other key benefits include:

  • Allowing managers to assign training and track team progress in learning content.
  • Offering individual user options for private professional use.
  • Empowering all users to learn at their own pace.
  • Contributing Continued Education (CE) hours for nursing toward Louisiana nursing license renewal.
  • Granting certificates of completion and the ability to print learning transcripts.

How do I use CHER®?

There are currently two ways to use the CHER® Online Education Portal:

Individual Users

Simply access CHER® and create a new account. Your individual account gets you all the user benefits of our learning management system listed above, including access to all training videos, certificates of completion, learn-at-your-own-pace education, and even printable transcripts.

Seat Manager Accounts (For Organization Leaders)

Seat managers for a healthcare organization can assign courses to staff members and monitor their progress while taking advantage of CHER®’s training modules individually. Please contact us for more information about a seat manager account.

Continuing Education for Frontline Staff

The CHER® Online Education Portal is a new way to share important continuing education opportunities and training materials with your frontline staff — the people who act first when a near miss or an incident occurs.

“Our member facilities depend on us to help provide pertinent, up-to-date information for their staff to help enhance safety throughout the organization,” Jenkins says. “The LMS provides a more efficient way for leaders to partner with LHA Trust Funds to train their teams.”

Explore the CHER® Online Education Portal now.

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