Our 2023 Safety Stars Are Committed to Workplace Violence Prevention

It’s that time of year again when LHA Trust Funds names its annual Safety Stars!

Year after year, we have recognized member healthcare facilities around the state for their commitment to safety. These facilities have developed innovative healthcare violence prevention programs, processes, and policies that have improved organizational safety. 

This year’s three LHA Malpractice and General Liability Trust Safety Star Award winners are Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital, Iberia Medical Center, and Richardson Medical Center.

View our 2023 Safety Star Award recipients below and explore the workplace violence prevention solutions developed by each facility.

Enhancing Employee Safety Through Strengthened Facility Security

Richardson Medical Center has been consistently committed to reducing the number of aggressive behavior incidents they’ve seen over the last few years.

After empowering their staff through MOAB training in 2022, the LHA Trust Fund’s annual risk assessment identified another opportunity to improve safety by tightening up unrestricted access to the facility.

The assessment revealed Richardson Medical had relied on facility staff to manually lock exterior doors and oversee key usage for specific areas, leaving room for human oversight.

To improve security, the team at Richardson Medical Center installed badge access devices at all exterior doors and selected interior doors. The badge access system directs foot traffic to main entrances only and provides a higher level of security for their employees, patients, and visitors.

The badge access system enabled staff to create safety zones that only they can access in the event of a violent encounter. It also allows Richardson’s human resources department a more thorough and immediate process for restricting the access of employees who are no longer employed at the facility.

Maintaining Organizational Safety Through Natural Disasters

On December 14, 2022, Iberia Medical Center was directly impacted by a top-end EF-2 tornado with 135 mph winds, land coverage for almost 4.5 miles, and a 300-yard-wide diameter — the worst safety issue ever experienced by the organization. While no lives were lost, the structure of the hospital and adjacent medical office building sustained significant damage.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, the safety of patients and staff became Iberia Medical Center’s top priority. Once the damage to its facility was assessed, it became obvious that facility security was significantly compromised. The organization’s main objectives included:

  • Provide effective security for the hospital and adjoining medical office buildings.
  • Repair video surveillance damaged by the tornado.
  • Replace the damaged exterior campus parking lot lighting.
  • Remove debris on the exterior campus.
  • Replace damaged badge swipe systems.
  • Add additional badge swipe systems to elevators with direct access to closed hospital departments.

The program also resulted in the strengthening of the organization’s existing interdisciplinary workplace violence committee with a mission to ensure safety and prevent violence within its campus.

Reducing Vulnerability to Possible Active Shooters

Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital’s yearly active shooter drill revealed the potential risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) patients and staff.

After assessing the potential threat, the organization researched prior incidents of visitors and unauthorized persons entering the department through a specific door and developed an efficient initiative to address them.

The door was converted to badge entry only and all staff badges requiring access were reprogrammed. As a result, unauthorized individuals, including visitors, potential active shooters, and surgical representatives from outside companies are prevented from gaining access to the PACU department.

The project significantly increased the safety of Cypress Pointe’s employees and patients in the PACU area. In a real-life active shooter situation, this badge entry access system will provide a safer and more secure environment for all.

Low Risks Mean High Rewards

Your commitment to safety doesn’t go unnoticed at LHA Trust Funds.

2023 LHA Malpractice and General Liability Trust Safety Star Award recipients receive:

  • recognition from LHA Trust Funds via the company website and member communications
  • a $10,000 cash award
  • the opportunity for one designated staff member to attend the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management Conference all expenses paid.

Has your healthcare organization implemented a workplace violence prevention solution you want to tell others about? Learn more about the LHA Trust Funds Safety Star Award and how your organization can become a 2024 Safety Star.

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