How To Improve Employee And Patient Safety With New Mobility Quality Initiative

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) caused by patient lifting, transferring and repositioning represent many of the most common and severe workplace injuries sustained nationwide. The LHA Workers’ Compensation Fund notes similar findings among claims filed each year.

Such injuries can be devastating to a patient care workforce. That’s why LHA Trust Funds is inviting members of the LHA Malpractice and Workers’ Compensation Funds to participate in our Safe Patient Handling Mobility (SPHM) Quality Initiative, designed to help implement best practices within healthcare organizations.

The reward? A reduced amount of sustained MSD injuries, improved employee satisfaction, and better patient safety and outcomes.

Why Should I Participate?

By participating and implementing the solutions recommended by our program, your organization will:

  • Demonstrate leadership’s commitment to employee and patient safety.
  • Improve employee satisfaction.
  • Reduce lost and restricted days related to musculoskeletal injures associated with patient care.
  • Reduce overall workplace injuries ultimately lowering your workers’ compensation costs.
  • Improve your culture of safety through the development of a program to support staff in their work environment.
  • Improve retention and recruitment of healthcare staff.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by increasing comfort.
  • Reduce the rate of adverse events such as falls and hospital-acquired conditions such as pressure injuries and pneumonia.

How Does The Program Work?

The SPHM program will include:

An assessment of SPHM in your organization. This includes a review of:

  • Policies and procedures
  • New hire and ongoing training
  • Staff competency training
  • Claims related to SPHM
  • Lost and restricted days related to SPHM
  • SPHM culture
  • High-acuity mobility needs
  • Equipment and gaps in the program

A customized report based on the assessment findings. The report will communicate gaps in your program, propose recommendations and offer support for identified improvement opportunities. The report will also include prioritized information to help you gain big improvements quickly.

A Safety Champion program for key organization members. These members will be trained as Super Users of the program. As Safety Champions, they will:

  • Attend at least one 2-day Safety Champion training course in 2021.
  • Serve as the organizational experts on lifting, transferring, and repositioning strategies within your organization.
  • Champion and lead the SPHM charge within your organization for both employees and patients

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

Members of the LHA Workers’ Compensation Fund who have premiums in excess of $10,000 are eligible to participate. They will receive up to 5% of renewing premium that will be used to fund participation in this initiative.

For LHA Malpractice Trust Fund members who wish to participate, a fee will be charged for these services. LHA Malpractice Trust will subsidize the remaining cost. Our partner Atlas Lift Tech is offering specialized pricing for this program exclusively for members of the LHA Trust Funds. The fee per hospital is determined by bed size. Please call (225) 368-3823 to discuss the cost to your organization.

How To Register

Get started by downloading a Commitment to Participate form below. Submit the completed form to Vice President of Patient Safety and Risk Stacie Jenkins at

Download Form


Contact Vice President of Patient Safety and Risk Stacie Jenkins at 225.386.3823 or for more information.

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