Opioid Management Quality Initiative

In 2017, the CDC reported Louisiana among the top 10 states with the highest opioid prescribing rates.

In addition, the CDC notes that prescription opioid rates have quadrupled in the United States since 1999 while pain reports by Americans have remained unchanged. More than 40 people die daily from causes related to an overdose of these drugs.

LHA Trust Funds supports organizational efforts to provide safe effective care while reducing opioid use disorder and overdoses. LHA Trust Funds also recognizes that development of processes and procedures to address these issues takes time and attention. The LHA Trust Funds Malpractice Trust is proud to announce an opportunity for members to participate in our Opioid Management Member Quality Initiative in 2019.

Membership Benefits

Participation in the program is a no-cost benefit of membership and offers your facility:

  • An opportunity to demonstrate its dedication to patient safety and the community
  • Access to helpful tools, insight and other resources to develop opioid management processes and policies that meet or exceed regulatory requirements
  • Educational meetings for your leaders in this area to discuss challenges and successes with your program development and implementation
  • One-on-one consultation services to assist with unique facility issues related to opioid management
  • Benchmarking opportunities with other members within LHATF for performance improvement
  • Staff educational programs to promote awareness
  • CME educational program for physicians related to opioid prescribing

In order for your facility to be included:

Please return the form below to staciejenkins@lhatrustfunds.com or FAX (225) 368-3873.

Opioid Management Form