Antibiotic Stewardship Performance Improvement Tools

Measurement of data is helpful in improving processes within an organization. These tools are helpful in providing some direction with the types of data that can be compiled and used for performance improvement with antibiotic usage.

  • Webinar


    Webinar: Practical Applications of the Antibiogram

    This webinar will help you discover how the antibiogram can be a very useful tool in your Antibiotic Stewardship program. Antibiograms can be confusing and it can be difficult to figure out just how to incorporate them into your overall program. Join our speaker as she discusses how to interpret the antibiogram and use the information to improve the effectiveness of antibiotic use in your organization.

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  • Webinar Slides

    Webinar Slides

    Practical Applications of the Antibiogram Presentation

    Click to view the presentation slides used in the Practical Applications of the Antibiogram webinar.

  • Evaluation tools

    Evaluation tools

    Antibiotic Audit Report

    Use this document to assist you with auditing individual patient records related to antibiotic stewardship. The document facilitates collection of all related information on one page.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Antibiotic Stewardship Measurement Framework from IHI

    This table provided by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) offers recommendations for measuring outcomes in your Antibiotic Stewardship program. The measures include infection control and medication usage measures to help determine program effectiveness. Measurement criteria include:

    • Staff development and program training
    • IV to PO conversion program initiatives

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  • Evaluation tools

    Evaluation tools

    Gap Analysis Tool for Antimicrobial Management Program

    This resource provides you with another example of an in-depth Gap Analysis tool for antimicrobial management programs. The downloadable checklist and evaluation matrix will guide you in evaluating the current state of your antibiotic stewardship program by comparing it to program elements that are considered best practices.

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  • Checklists


    Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Program Checklist

    This resource provides you with an updated checklist to evaluate the current state of your facility’s antibiotic stewardship program. This checklist can be used as a gap analysis tool where you compare your program against elements which are considered best practice fundamentals of an antibiotic stewardship program. Through this analysis, you will be able to identify the areas of your facility’s antibiotic prescribing program that need improvement.

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  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Antibiotic Prescribing

    This resource provides outpatient healthcare professionals with recommendations for prescribing antibiotics in the outpatient arena.

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