Security and Safety During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has created chaos in the healthcare industry. The rapid spread of this deadly virus and a lack of resources compounded with the economic insecurity caused by stay-at-home orders has created fear throughout Louisiana communities. Healthcare security is of the utmost importance during times of uncertainty and fear.

  • Webinar


    Webinar: Healthcare Security in a COVID-19 World

    Healthcare security expert Bryan Warren examines COVID-19's impact on security issues in the healthcare industry. Discussion topics include the physicial and operational security needs of alternate care sites, proposals for additional security measures for patient care resources, and current indicators of security trends in healthcare facilities. Mr. Warren also explains how healthcare security teams are evolving to adapt to the newest risks.

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  • Webinar Slides

    Webinar Slides

    Presentation: Healthcare Security in a COVID-19 World

    PowerPoint slides from the webinar Healthcare Security in a COVID-19 World featuring healthcare security expert Bryan Warren.

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  • Checklists


    COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Security Checklist

    Healthcare security expert Bryan Warren provides a template vaccine storage security checklist for healthcare organizations to ensure the COVID-19 vaccines are maintained and administered in a secure environment.

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