Cybersecurity Online Resources

Online Cybersecurity resources are provded for healthcare providers to minimize the risk of a cyber security attack.

  • Tokio Marine CyberNET

    The LHA Trust Funds Tokio Marine CyberNET Support provides continually updated information, on-demand advice and a wide range of cyber risk management resources. This member-only toolkit portal provides access to legal advice, email alerts, webinars and comprehensive online training for risk managers and employees.

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  • The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

    The ONC provides resources in Health IT efforts and the promotion of health information exchange networks as a way to improve patient care.

    TAGS: ONC, IT, efforts, network, Patient, Health, Exchange

  • National Cyber Awareness System

    The National Cyber Awareness System provides realtime alerts, analysis reports and current activites in cyber security issues.

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  • American Hospital Association: Cybersecurity

    AHA provides resources in cybersecurity vulnerabilities for healthcare organizations.

    TAGS: AHA, Cybersecurity, Vulnerability, Healthcare

  • TRACIE: Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway

    TRACIE provides resources in emergency preparedness for healthcare facilities in the area of cybersecurity.

    TAGS: Emergency, Cybersecurity, Healthcare