Emergency Preparedness in the ED

The ED plays an important role in an organization's interdisciplinary emergency preparedness plan. Resources in this section are provided to support the ED's unique role in emergency preparedness.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Standardized Hospital Emergency Codes State of Louisiana

    A quick tool outlining standardized emergency codes in the state of Louisiana adopted by the Louisiana Policy and Regulatory Committee in 2005.

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  • Articles


    2016 Violence in the ED - Norris Yarbrough and Sgt. Roger Barnes

    Violence in the Emergency Department: The Magnitude and Impact

    Norris and Roger discuss the magnitude of the problem, protecting patients, the staff and the public in the hospital emergency department; and how emergency department staff should deal with potentially violent individuals.

    TAGS: Violence, Educate, Interactive, Emergency

  • Articles


    2016 Violence in the ED - Panel of Experts

    Violence in the Emergency Department: Panel of Experts

    This session will build the Violence in the ED: The Magnitude and Impact conversation. Their discussion is based on results of a recent survey that was conducted across the membership of the LHA Trust Funds and will be further augmented with open-mic questions and concerns from the members of the audience.

    Topics include: Violence and Victims, The Aggressors and Causes, Triggers, Real-Time Experiences, The Aftermath, and Prevention.

    TAGS: Emergency, Department, Violence, Aggressors, Causes, Triggers, Aftermath, Prevention

  • Webinar Slides

    Webinar Slides

    2016 Violence in the ED Presentation

    Click to view the presentation slides from the 2016 Violence in the Emergency Department event and expert panel discussion.

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