Hand Hygiene Toolkit

Hospital-acquired infections cause thousands of preventative illnesses and deaths each year. This toolkit assists staff in preventing infections by practicing good hand hygiene. It includes an observation template, a training course, proper hand hygiene techniques and a self-assessment tool. It emphasizes the importance of simple interventions staff can utilize to keep their patients free from unnecessary infection.

Infection Prevention and Mitigation

Hospital-acquired infections can lead to severe illness or death. The following data gives guidance on assessment of work areas, staff practices and interventions to reduce infection spread.

  • Webinar


    This I Vow - Importance of Hand Hygiene

    A video sharing the detrimental effects that can occur from hospital-acquired infections transmitted due to inadequate hand washing. It includes preventative measures and indicators corresponding to appropriate time frames staff are required to wash their hands when caring for patients.

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  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    ASC Quality Collaboration - Hand Hygiene: What CMS Surveyors are Looking For

    CMS Surveyors utilize a worksheet to assess infection control practices in a healthcare organizaiton. This resource provides a sample tool used to assess hand hygiene practices.

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Assessment and Monitoring

Provided are a set of tools that offer self-assessment, instruction and monitoring of infection control practices to mitigate hospital-acquired infections.

  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool

    A risk assessment tool to assist infection control in observing staff anonymously in the patient’s environment. It is a guide to assess for compliance while monitoring staff performing hand hygiene at the same time they are delivering patient care.

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  • Articles


    WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework

    This framework is a resource tool for analysis of hand hygiene promotion and practices within a healthcare facility.

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  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Self-Assessment Hand Hygiene Tool

    A comprehensive self-assessment tool for staff to survey their facility and identify problem areas such as liabilities and risks related to hand hygiene. It assures that procedures in place are compatible with best practices. It is a good source to establish new performance improvement indicators to improve current processes and decrease risk for hospital-acquired infections.

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Staff Education

Staff training is required for faculty responsible for infection control. This educational material discusses precautions, prevention, appropriate techniques and organisms liable for the spread of infection.

  • CDC Webinar - Training Course

    An interactive education course to prevent hospital-associated infections. It defines standard precautions and the needs beyond standard precautions. It includes a question and answer session throughout the course and it explains why, when, how and what hand hygiene is and its role in preventing infection. It also includes a demonstration of appropriate hand hygiene techniques.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Hand Hygiene Staff Education Guide

    This guide was developed as an educational tool focused on common hospital-acquired infections that exist within healthcare facilities. This handout includes a definition of each organism, risks for exposure, interventions for prevention, signs and symptoms associated with these illnesses, treatment and contraindications and is organized to facilitate staff training.

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