Medication Safety Education

Education is crucial to ensure safe medication practices. The following resources provide patient and staff education materials.

  • Flyer/Sign/Poster


    Medication Safety Pamphlet

    The Medication Safety pamphlet is for you to provide to patients as a way to help them understand their medication plan. This allows the patient to stay involved and informed with their medical care. Included in each pamphlet is a Medication Tracker designed for easy access to their medication list and folds up for them to keep in their wallet at all times.

    If you would like copies of this publication mailed to you, please contact Lori Ray at 225.368.3801 or

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  • Articles


    Medication Safety - Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO)

    CHPSO provides resources focusing on medication prescribing and administration.

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    Medication Safety - Center for Patient Safety

    The Center for Patient Safety provides resources for patients to assist with talking to the doctor about their medications and keeping track of their current prescribed medications.

  • Medical Product Safety Information - FDA

    The FDA provides resources on medication safety information.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Improving Medication Safety - WHO

    The WHO provides tips on improving medication safety.

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  • Articles


    Medication Safety During Your Hospital Stay

    While hospitalized, patients are provided a safe medication administration process. Patients can educate themselves on the medication administration process in hospitals.

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    Medication Safety Webinars - Institute For Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)

    ISMP offers on-demand webinars focusing on safe medication practices.

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