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Education is crucial to the prevention of an overdose. The following presentation shares concerns related to the risks, patient monitoring and development of policies. This material prepares staff to maintain safety with the administration of opioids.

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    Opioid Staff Education Presentation

    Pain management with opioids has been associated with errors that have resulted in over-sedation, respiratory depression and death. Nurses are in a key position to assess, monitor, educate and advocate for patients in all clinical settings. Therefore, nurses should be educated about the concerns related to these high-risk medications and the key role they play in keeping patients safe.

    This presentation is designed to help organizations educate their nursing staff regarding the dangers of opioid therapy and how they can impact patient care in their current role. The presentation would be best supplemented with the addition of your own organizational policies surrounding the management of opioids. Feel free to download this presentation for use on your internal LMS.

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