Opioid Management Resources

The overdose of opioids can be fatal. The following attachments are provided to assess and treat patients at risk and prevent and reduce overdoses.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    CMS Clinical Standards Survey and Certification Letter

    The Institute of Medicine has defined an ADE as an “injury resulting from medical intervention related to a drug.” It’s estimated that one-third of all adverse hospital events are related to ADEs, resulting in almost two million hospital visits annually. Each year, serious adverse events, including fatalities, occur due specifically to the misuse of intravenously administered opioids in hospitals.

    This letter from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) outlines the requirements for hospital medication administration, particularly IV medications and post-operative care of patients receiving intravenous opioids.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Worksheet for Discussing Opioid Management with Medical Professionals

    This worksheet is a component of the Guide to Developing and Managing Overdose Prevention and Take-Home Naloxone Projects, produced by Harm Reduction Coalition. It offers key points to consider and address when engaging with medical professionals and discussing an opioid management program for their hospital or clinic.

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  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Opioid Addiction Risk Assessment Tool

    Healthcare facilities can use this assessment for practitioners who prescribe, dispense, and/or administer opioid products. The assessment tool addresses selection, dosing and patient monitoring when using opioid products. This tool was developed by the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

    Aggregating and analyzing the results of practitioner assessments can help healthcare facilities identify opportunities for improvement and aid in the development of targeted, high-leverage strategies to improve the safe use of opioids.

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  • Webinar Slides

    Webinar Slides

    Pasero Opioid Induced Sedation Scale (POSS) Presentation

    This is a PowerPoint presentation on the practical use of the Pasero Opioid-Induced Sedation Scale (POSS) as well as when and how to utilize it within the hospital. Healthcare professionals may use this presentation to educate their staff on how to monitor a patient’s response to opioid administration by monitoring their level of sedation. This presentation will help staff understand how to evaluate a patient’s response to opioid pain therapy and when it is safe to administer additional medication to patients.

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  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Opioid Risk Assessment Tool

    A patient risk assessment to help determine the level of risk a patient may have for being over-sedated with the use of opioid pain management.

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