Risk Assessment Tools

Evaluating proper lifting techniques and comparing them against safe lifting best practices is useful when trying to identify opportunities for improvement. Tools in this section are examples of tools that can be used to improve performance.

  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Safe Lifting Checklist for EVS

    The Environmental Services department is exposed to many hazards related to lifting. This risk assessment is designed for the EVS Manager to do an evaluation of the department to identify common hazards against best practices related to safe lifting plans and hazard identification, job design, workplace practices, and training.

  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Materials Handling Checklists

    A risk assessment checklist for those working in the materials handling area. This checklist was originally created by Enos, HumanFit in 2012 and addresses load, tasks, working environment and individual capacity.

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  • Checklists


    Safe Lifting Observation Checklist

    This is a tool that would be excellent for departments working on safe lifting performance improvement. The tool facilitates data collection through observation of others while lifting.

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