Sepsis Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit offers recommendations in organizing a sepsis identification program to improve the safety and outcomes of patients while also offering tools to help improve performance and raise staff awareness of the best practices for sepsis and septic shock. Materials presented in this toolkit help practitioners implement clinical practice guidelines related to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign.

Sepsis Clinical Guidelines and Best Practices

Resources to assist organizations with understanding and implementing best practices for identification and treatment of sepsis in order to improve patient outcomes.

  • Surviving Sepsis Campaign

    The Society of Critical Care Medicine provides an educational presentation on identifying and addressing the signs of sepsis.

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  • Articles


    CDC Sepsis Resources 1

    Link to the CDC Surviving Sepsis page that contains patient and clinician resources on dealing with sepsis.

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  • Articles


    CDC Sepsis Resources 2

    Link to numerous tools, provided by CDC, to aid in identifying and improvement sepsis management.

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Sepsis Reduction Tools for Healthcare Providers

Sample tools that can be used to facilitate compliance with national sepsis clinical practice guidelines. Use these ideas to help customize unique tools for your organization, such as pocket references and posters for staff, standing order sets and performance improvement checklists.

  • Flyer/Sign/Poster


    Physician Reference Severe Sepsis Bundle Pocket Card

    Quick reference pocket card to help remind staff physicians of the timeliness of the sepsis bundle interventions.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Surviving Sepsis Pocket Guide

    A two-page summary of the guidelines for sepsis and septic shock, including other supportive therapy for severe sepsis. The guide is detailed for the licensed independent practitioner and would be a perfect educational pamphlet.

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  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Non-ICU Feedback Sheet

    Performance Improvement tool which is meant to be used for concurrent review of medical records of patients who are not in ICU but meet the criteria for sepsis bundles. This tool will assist in determining if the Sepsis Quality Indicators are being met on a timely basis.

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