Laws, Regulations, Licensure and Credentialing Requirements for Telehealth

This section includes pertinent information on rules and regulations that apply to telehealth, including information specific to Louisiana healthcare providers.

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    Louisiana Telehealth Access Act

    A quick link provided by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners that summarizes Louisiana telehealth law. The Louisiana Telehealth Access Act discusses legislative findings, definitions and rules defined for telehealth services.

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    Telemedicine Policies by State

    A chart is available with an overview of telemedicine policies by state. It specifies if a state license is required, reimbursement policies affiliated with Medicaid and private payer, and other rules and regulations.

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    Telemedicine License Out of State Physicians

    Each state dictates how telemedicine will be provided when the patient is located in their state. Each state is different, and it can be confusing to keep up with all the rules and ensure that a physician is considered “licensed” when providing care. This document provides a quick reference for some common states in which Louisiana providers may encounter the need to do telemedicine.

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    Telemedicine: Regulatory and Liability Trends

    This article sums up the growth of telemedicine. It discusses many of the challenges, liability concerns, licensing and mandates to comply with regulatory agencies involved with this thriving communication affecting healthcare.

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