Online Telehealth Resources

This bundle of general resources includes information from the industry leaders who are leading the way in supporting and developing improved processes for telehealth.

  • TexLa Telehealth Resource Center

    This resource center provides resources to new and existing programs for the Texas and Louisiana regions. It consists of state updates and upcoming events related to telemedicine and telehealth.

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  • American Telemedicine Association

    This organization focuses solely on telehealth with the goal of efficient delivery. It includes policies, events, initiatives, resources and news associated with telemedicine.

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  • MGMA: New Ways to Get Paid for Telehealth Services

    Medical Group Management Association offers news and insights, resources, data, advocacy, events, certification and more. This site focuses on keeping professionals up to date on changes and striving for positive results.

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  • USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program

    This program offers a grant to assist rural communities in distance learning and telemedicine. It provides guidelines for who is eligible for the award and guidance on completion of the application.

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  • Center for Connected Health Policy

    The Center for Connected Health Policy, The National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, informs about telehealth laws, policies and the latest regulatory changes. It has an interactive map and provides monthly features and news updates.

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  • Articles


    Telemedicine: A Practical Guide for Incorporation into Your Practice

    A practical guide is available to incorporate telemedicine into physician practices that outlines steps and beneficial guidelines through an interactive learning module.

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