Technology Concerns and Telehealth

Concerns are widespread in the realm of telehealth. This area offers information on how to achieve telehealth interoperability at all levels of this program while maintaining HIPAA guidelines.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Telehealth Interoperability White Paper

    The American Telemedicine Association shares a white paper on telehealth interoperability related to the recent expansion of telehealth services. To keep up with these services, it discusses plans to implement standards to achieve technical interoperability in the many facets of telehealth services.

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  • HIPAA Guidelines on Telemedicine

    When communicating patient health information from a distance, there is always the risk of concern of encountering a breach. It is the facility’s responsibility to comply with HIPAA standards and maintain confidentiality with all communications that occur electronically. This article reiterates that safeguards remain in place, and the transfer of information is secure by any route used in the transmission of patient information.

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