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2022 Updated Telemedicine Licensing Requirements to Note

Click below to view charts that outline the requirements in Louisiana and surrounding states for Telemedicine and out-of-state care for patients along with exceptions to the requirements. If you have any questions regarding the licensing requirements, each state’s licensing board is the best resource for answers, or ask an attorney to review the services you provide for compliance with other states’ regulations.

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Webinar Series: Enhance Hospital Security Through CPTED Principles

In a multi-part webinar series Art Hushen, President of the National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP, Inc.), will gui...

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Incidental Findings in Healthcare

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the effects incidental findings have on patients, review case studies of limite...

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Workers' Compensation Symposium

Our annual Workers’ Compensation Symposium offers the latest on trends and changes in the workers’ compensation industry ...

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