2020 Management of Aggressive Behaviors (MOAB) Course Recap

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Thank you to all who participated in our 2020 Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) Instructor-Trainer course.

Instructors Dave Bush and Mike O'Malley led the course, which focuses on principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people.

Congratulations to all of the new MOAB Instructors and those who renewed their credentials.

Abbeville General HospitalChristopher Doucet
Caldwell Memorial HospitalMichelle Richardson
Franklin FoundationCatherine Siracusa, Kristine Trapp, Kelly Robison
Lane Regional Medical CenterAmy Lea, Myreon Stewart, Joe Watson, Stephen Zachary
Natchitoches Regional Medical CenterJessica Anding, Laura Process, Megan Sauce
Opelousas General Medical CenterChinazo Malizu, Rita Soileau
Pointe Coupee General HospitalMichael Battiste, Michelle Courville, Valerie Jarreau
Reeves Medical CenterJason Batten, Daniel Murphey
Riverland Medical CenterJohn Cowan, Craig Southern
Terrebonne General Medical CenterCasey Nicholson, Betsy Doiron
Union General HospitalBrent Cranford
West Feliciana Parish HospitalWilliam Tramel
Woman’s HospitalJennifer Hill-Dupre, David Dykes, Todd Martin, CJ Matthews

LHA Trust Funds offers a MOAB initial instructor–level training course and instructor recertification course each year. Our next MOAB course will be in 2021.

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Want more information on recognizing or preventing violent behavior? Visit our Violence Prevention toolkit. It features resources to help develop comprehensive violence prevention programs within your organization.

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