Protect From Cyberattack: Analyze Your Facility's Cyber Risks

Last week, CISA, the FBI and HHS issued an advisory warning of a credible and imminent cyberattack against healthcare facilities and hospitals. To prepare for such an attack, LHA Trust Funds recommends using the resources available in our Cyber Liability and Risk Toolkit.

The Cyber Liability and Risk Toolkit has been updated to reflect best practices designed to help your organization prepare for and address threats to its cybersecurity. Some of the resources include:

Tokio Marine CyberNET:

Tokio Marine, our partner for cyber coverage, provides a CyberNET portal exclusive to Trust Fund members. The portal contains resources, risk assessments, best practices and educational tools related to cybersecurity in healthcare. A user name and password are required to enter. Please contact Vice President of Patient Safety and Risk Stacie Jenkins for access.

Cyber Risk and Cyber Liability Webinar:

In this webinar, NAS Underwriter and Cyber Liability Specialist Jessica Baraghimian discusses the different types of information and data at risk of being sold on the Black Market.

Five Best Practices For Mitigating Medical Device Security Risks Whitepaper:

The whitepaper developed by Great Bay Software, Inc in Bloomington, MN recommends five best practices to mitigate the risks from medjacking, a major security threat to healthcare organizations.

Because cybersecurity risks are constantly evolving, we want our members to be as knowledgeable and prepared as possible. Visit our toolkit for the resources mentioned above as well as more on online training, incident prevention, and what to do when security breaches occur

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Read the FBI alert. The advisory details the threat type as well as actions healthcare organizations can take to be prepared for such attacks here.

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