Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Toolkit

Incidents involving active shooters continue to happen across the country and are unfortunately becoming more commonplace in today’s society. This toolkit will help you create an emergency response plan in the event of an active shooter incident within your healthcare facility. The resources in this toolkit will help ensure that your team and facility are prepared. The toolkit includes:

  • Training videos detailing how you should react to an active shooter situation.
  • Resources to help you create an active shooter drill for your facility.
  • Information on dealing with and defusing dangerous behavior and workplace violence.
  • Some resources can only be accessed by logging into your member account with LHA Trust Funds.

Active Shooter Planning, Preparedness and Response

Reducing the risk of encountering an active shooter situation is important to any business, especially healthcare. These resources provide tools on how to plan what to do in the event of an active shooter/violent situation.

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    Active Shooter Response: What Can You Do?

    All employees can help prevent and prepare for potential active shooter situations within their facilities. This training course provides guidance to individuals, including healthcare managers and employees, so they can respond effectively to an active shooter situation.

    This course was written and intended for non-law enforcement personnel. However, the material may provide law enforcement officers information on recommended actions for non-law enforcement employees should they be confronted with an active shooter situation.

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    Active Shooter Drill Preparedness

    This training video has been provided by UCSF Medical Center to assist hospitals in their planning and training for active shooter incidents.

    The video depicts Active Shooter preparedness activities through a team drill within the hospital environment. Employees in the healthcare field can understand the importance of their role in response and protection of patients.

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    Active Shooter Drill Preparedness PowerPoint Template

    Intended for use in conjunction with the Active Shooter Drill training video, this resource has been provided by UCSF Medical Center to assist hospitals in their planning and training for active shooter incidents. The Active Shooter Response powerpoint presentation template is for use in educating employees and other personnel.

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Active Shooter Identification and Profiling

Acitve shooter events are increasing more and more across the U.S. and the experts have developed tools to help the lay person identify a potential active shooter as a risk reduction strategy.

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    FBI Profile of an Active Shooter

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a profile of a potential active shooter based upon years of examining active shooter events. This profile, which combines individual behaviors and interactions with others, fits well into education presented to staff on this topic. It will also help in developing an organizational response plan to active shooter events.

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Organizational Safety

Healthcare organizations should take the possiblity of an active shooter event occuring in their facility very seriously. These resources provide key tactics on managing violent and disruptive behavior as a risk reduction process.

  • Active Shooter Characteristics: 5 Law Enforcement Takaways from the FBI Study

    This resource provides a look from Law enforcement perspective on the characteristics of an active shooter.

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    FBI Phase II Study: Key Findings

    Understanding the facts and patterns of previous mass active shooter events can help organizations learn and prepare their staff for the future. Utilize this tool, which contains information from an FBI study on active shooter events, to educate your staff on commonalities surrounding past active shooter events. The information can also be useful when developing an organizational response plan to an active shooter.

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    Managing Disruptive Behavior and Violence in Healthcare Settings

    Recent events bring to attention a serious problem that could affect the healthcare sector. Multiple studies show healthcare workers are regularly subjected to minor as well as major verbal and physical abuse from patients, visitors and other staff. Many incidents go unreported, and the number of reported cases is on the rise. Compared to other working environments, hospitals and adult care facilities are dangerous places to work with many pieces of equipment and medical tools that can be used to cause harm.

    This downloadable PDF resource provides real-world examples that illustrate why healthcare administrators need to implement programs to protect medical and security staff, patients and visitors to their facilities.

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Staff Resources

Active shooter training is vital for all staff in a healthcare organization as they are the eyes and ears of the facility. These resources help ensure staff are trained and prepared to address violent/aggressive behavior/situations.

  • Policy Templates

    Policy Templates

    LHA-Sample Policy: Code Silver, Individual With a Weapon or Hostage Situation

    This sample policy provides a template for healthcare organizations to utilize while developing their processes to address violent events.

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    DHS-Active Shooter Workshop

    This resource provides training for different violent/active shooter situations.

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    DHS-Active Shooter Pocket Card

    This pocket card provides quick information on the profile, characteristics, and how to respond in the event of an active shooter threat or incident.

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