Assessment and Monitoring

Provided are a set of tools that offer self-assessment, instruction and monitoring of infection control practices to mitigate hospital-acquired infections.

  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool

    A risk assessment tool to assist infection control in observing staff anonymously in the patient’s environment. It is a guide to assess for compliance while monitoring staff performing hand hygiene at the same time they are delivering patient care.

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  • Articles


    WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework

    This framework is a resource tool for analysis of hand hygiene promotion and practices within a healthcare facility.

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  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Self-Assessment Hand Hygiene Tool

    A comprehensive self-assessment tool for staff to survey their facility and identify problem areas such as liabilities and risks related to hand hygiene. It assures that procedures in place are compatible with best practices. It is a good source to establish new performance improvement indicators to improve current processes and decrease risk for hospital-acquired infections.

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