Best Practices of Highly Reliable Organizations

Tools and information that are helpful in developing processes to support the journey to high reliability. Organizations that implement similar processes are displaying characteristics of highly reliable organizations.

  • 10 Patient Handoff Communication Tools

    Article that provides a list of 10 ideas to improve communication with patient handoffs.

    TAGS: Communication, Patient, handoff

  • IHI: Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds™

    A tool developed to facilitate leadership walk rounds. The tool gives suggestions on the types of questions leaders should ask staff, who should be involved and where the rounds should be conducted.

    TAGS: Facilitate, Leadership, question, involved, round

  • Daily Huddle Component Kit

    Step-by-step instruction from AHRQ on how to develop a process for daily huddles.

    TAGS: AHRQ, daily, huddle, Develope