High Reliability and Culture of Safety Toolkit

Patient safety is a priority in healthcare. This guide is to assist in promoting a highly reliable staff and maintain a culture of safety throughout the facility with tools to guide them including a video demonstration, education, monitoring assessments, podcasts, articles, webinars and numerous resources. This education, along with interventions, allows staff to provide reliable care to every patient while minimizing risks and placing safety first.

High Reliability Organizational Toolkit

It is important to incorporate certain characteristics into your organization which are associated with improved outcomes in other industries where safety is paramount. This section is organized into the five key characteristics of highly reliable organizations and contains tools and other resources to help you strive toward incorporating these characteristics into your organization’s culture.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Reluctance for Simple Explanations- RCA Matrix

    A matrix designed by The Joint Commission to identify specific areas that need to be investigated during a RCA of a sentinel event.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Reluctance for Simple Explanations- FMEA

    A quick reference to use when conducting an FMEA. This resources guides you through steps, probability and severity ranking and development of plans for improvement of a process.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Reluctance for Simple Explanations- Impact of Staff-Led Safety Walk Rounds

    An article to support the benefits of leadership rounds in safety.

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Characteristics of High Reliability Organizations (HROs)

Highly reliable organizations tend to display certain characteristics in their processes and systems that make them exceptionally successful in meeting goals and avoiding errors. This section provides more information on the key traits that these organizations share and how to set off on your organization's own jouney toward high reliability.

  • Webinar


    Webinar: The Journey to Becoming an HRO

    This webinar is meant to increase your knowledge related to characteristics that Highly Reliable Organizations exhibit and help you understand some best practices that can be incorporated into your organizations’ culture.

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  • High Reliability: The Gold Standard in Healthcare

    A collection of resources from The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Care that provides the framework for organizing an organization's journey toward high reliability. The framework focuses on three areas: leadership commitment, safety culture and an empowered workforce.

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  • Podcast


    Podcast: Striving for High Reliability and Unprecedented Levels of Safety & Quality

    A podcast provided by The Joint Commission to discuss what organizations can do now to strive toward high reliability and improved patient quality.

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Best Practices of Highly Reliable Organizations

Tools and information that are helpful in developing processes to support the journey to high reliability. Organizations that implement similar processes are displaying characteristics of highly reliable organizations.

  • 10 Patient Handoff Communication Tools

    Article that provides a list of 10 ideas to improve communication with patient handoffs.

    TAGS: Communication, Patient, handoff

  • IHI: Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds™

    A tool developed to facilitate leadership walk rounds. The tool gives suggestions on the types of questions leaders should ask staff, who should be involved and where the rounds should be conducted.

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  • Daily Huddle Component Kit

    Step-by-step instruction from AHRQ on how to develop a process for daily huddles.

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Creating an Organizational Culture of Safety

Creating an organizational culture of safety is a daunting task that requires patience, persistence and consistency. This section provides a collection of resources to help guide the organization in creating an environment committed to a Just Culture.

  • Webinar Slides

    Webinar Slides

    Safety Culture and Leadership: A View from The Joint Commission

    This slide presentation from The Joint Commission discusses how to develop a culture of safety in your organization.

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  • Policy Templates

    Policy Templates

    Just Culture Sample Policy

    This sample policy addresses organizational commitment to Just Culture.

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  • Webinar


    Webinar: Creating Organizational Change Using Your Culture of Safety Survey Results

    This webinar communicates best practices for administering surveys, debriefing results, formulating action plans and monitoring cultural change with readily available, open resource material from AHRQ, IHI and other quality/patient safety organizations.

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