Characteristics of High Reliability Organizations (HROs)

Highly reliable organizations tend to display certain characteristics in their processes and systems that make them exceptionally successful in meeting goals and avoiding errors. This section provides more information on the key traits that these organizations share and how to set off on your organization's own jouney toward high reliability.

  • Webinar


    Webinar: The Journey to Becoming an HRO

    This webinar is meant to increase your knowledge related to characteristics that Highly Reliable Organizations exhibit and help you understand some best practices that can be incorporated into your organizations’ culture.

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  • High Reliability: The Gold Standard in Healthcare

    A collection of resources from The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Care that provides the framework for organizing an organization's journey toward high reliability. The framework focuses on three areas: leadership commitment, safety culture and an empowered workforce.

    TAGS: Joint, Commission, Center, transforming, Care, journey, Leadership, Safety, Culture, empowered, workforce

  • Podcast


    Podcast: Striving for High Reliability and Unprecedented Levels of Safety & Quality

    A podcast provided by The Joint Commission to discuss what organizations can do now to strive toward high reliability and improved patient quality.

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  • AHRQ High Reliability

    High reliability organizations display certain characteristics. This information on AHRQ's PSNet site describes the five characteristics of highly reliable organizations.

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  • Applying High Reliability Principles to Infection Prevention and Control in Long-Term Care

    A learning module for staff, provided by The Joint Commission, to educate on infection control principles in long-term care organizations.

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  • NCPS Approach to Achieving High Reliability

    Description of each characteristic of high reliabilty organizations provided by the VA National Center for Patient Safety.

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