Maternal Care

We have gathered resources created by professional organizations that share established standards, guidelines, and patient safety tools. You can utilize these resources in your organization to reduce maternal death, hemorrhage, and other conditions that can affect women’s health.

  • Levels of Maternal Care

    A Document developed by ACOG to reaffirm the need for levels of maternal care. The goal is to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. It defines the standards of maternal care by classifying them into primary care, specialty care, subspecialty care and regional perinatal and healthcare centers. This document discusses accredited birth centers, considerations, implementation and monitoring of maternal health.

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  • Patient Safety Tools

    Interactive resources are available, consisting of PDFs, presentations and directions on severe maternal events. Provided sources include a summary of event forms and review processes for events as recommended by CMS Patient and Clinical Summary Guidelines.

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  • The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - FAQs

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists patient resources on maternal care comprise materials related to coronavirus and women’s healthcare, contraception, gynecological problems, labor, delivery and postpartum care, pregnancy, special procedures and women’s health. It includes a multitude of information available in videos, through infographics and by frequently asked questions.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Proactive Prevention of Maternal Death from Maternal Hemorrhage

    The Joint Commission Quick Safety memo attached is on proactive prevention of maternal death from maternal hemorrhage. It identifies risk factors for blood loss and introduces strategies and safety action considerations to reduce morbidity and mortality.

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  • Articles


    ACOG Clinical Guidance

    This link provides clinical guidance and practice advisories in women’s healthcare. Updated information is categorized by date according to changes in regulatory guidelines, accreditation standards and professional organizations.

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  • Algorithms


    SBAR Tool

    AWHONN has adapted the SBAR tool to promote respectful and inclusive patient communication and care.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities Causing Maternal Death

    The Joint Commission's recent Sentinel Event Alert discusses the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities causing mortality and morbidity in pregnant and postpartum patients.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Mental Health Conditions Leading Cause of Pregnancy-Related Deaths

    The Joint Commission's Quick Safety Newsletter: Issue 67, discusses how mental health conditions are the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths.