Newborn Care

Attached are resources that pertain to the care of a newborn. The Apgar score is a tool that assesses the health status of an infant at birth and helps guide the future care of newborns. AWONN suggests recommendations on the power of touch between a newborn and mother after birth and appropriate staff training to proceed with this process.

  • Algorithms


    The Apgar Score

    An article provided to discuss the development of the Apgar Score. It describes limitations affiliated with scoring and the benefits it offers with resuscitation. The document states the score is a poor prediction for the future outcome of an infant. It is deemed as a standardized assessment tool for newborns.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Immediate and Sustained Skin-to-Skin Contact for the Healthy Term Newborn After Birth

    A literature review pertaining to immediate and sustained skin-to-skin contact, which focuses on healthy full-term newborns. It suggests recommendations, including the allowed timing of these sessions. It concentrates on safety measures consisting of appropriate training of staff to provide this service. Massage therapy is not recommended due to insufficient data to support any recommendations.

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